✨ “Brands are imagery and culture and behavior and promises” 💫 — Michael Alleruzzo

Michael dives deep into his mission which revolves around his own personal brand; to be seen as a professor, consultant and coach.

He provides his perspective on:

💡How important is being a leader for personal branding within an organization, a corporation as CEO, (C-suite), employee on different levels, or as a company owner of a SME.

💡How important is being able to lead yourself in order to lead others?

💡How does leadership influence brands’ success?

💡What does leadership mean for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs as being a personal brand?

Michael Alleruzo is a leadership educator, coach and consultant.

His career is a diverse collection of experiences in a variety of industries, organizations, and roles such as an operations manager, corporate trainer or college professor.

A strong passion for teaching and learning has driven his career direction. His specialties are

  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Business Management
  • Training and Development
  • Team Synergy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Organization Communication

He has been professor at the Saint Joseph’s University for more than a decade.

He earned his bachelor of science, business administration and management at West Virginia University and is a graduate of the Master of Management at Cornell University, USA.

book recommendation: Orbiting the Giant Hairball  by Gordon Mackenzie


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