Kim Bergman


✨ “Brand is the culture, it says so much about the people, it is a thread that goes to everything” 💫

— Kim Bergman

This time it was all about global market research, a topic I have taught for many years at universities.

I had the pleasure to be conversation with Kim Bergman, a born leader, guided by the virtue of integrity, sets the bar high for everyone she works with, bringing out their best while putting them at ease. She brings a certain energy to every interaction with a mix of warmth, humor, curiosity and introspection. 



Kim gives insights about

💡her own company’s vision, mission, values, positioning

💡interesting market research stories from around the world

💡why a clear questionnaire design is so critical

💡what it needs to be an authentic personal brand that shines

Kim Bergman is founder and president of Worldwide Market Research. Since 2013 she has been actively involved with each client, helping them fulfil their unique business goals through participating in strategy development, questionnaire design and a global network of trusted panel partners. Her prior experience across a range of industries that include retail, advertising, finance, telecom and automotive have armed her with a unique perspective and expanse of business knowledge that has proven invaluable in her current role, allowing her to understand the needs of her client’s specific industry. Worldwide Market Research has completed over 400 successful studies and is ESOMAR 28 qualified. Her company is a participant and member in relevant industry associations such as the American Marketing Association Greenbook, Insight Association Bluebook, and Quirk’s directory. Worldwide Market Research was rated as a top market research company in 2021 by Qurik’s Marketing Research Review.

Connect with Kim Bergman:

Worldwide Market Research



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