The greatest opportunity you have for growth lies within your allowance of mistakes.” 💫 – A Perennial Pursuit

Are you like me, everything has to be perfect? 

We hardly achieve the goal of getting  things 100% perfect. And, frankly, that can be very stressful at times; it is simply not working. 

So, how to we get out of this perfectionist trap? 

Allow yourself to make mistakes! 

If you see mistakes as failures, which many of us do, then you hold yourself back. You keep yourself in a box with a lid on it that limits your growth. You protect yourself from anything that can harm you. Within that box, within this comfort zone, you make sure everything is perfect. Until life gets into your way. 

Mistakes are inevitable. So they will occur if you want it or not. 

If you look at mistake as something that you can learn from, a setback or detour that enriches your life, then it is an incredible opportunity for growth. 

Mistakes are the spice in life. Embrace those mistakes, say thank you, take them with a sense of humor, and experience how light weighted life can be. 


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