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✨“Empowerment: being in charge of how you’re seen.”💫

Making a good first impression is key! We know the role and power of non-verbal communication in doing so.

About 95% of communication happens through body language, tone, and appearances such as the way how we dress. Clothing is often an overlooked subject in communication but a critical and significant element in nonverbal communication. Clothing is the ability to affect how individuals see themselves while expressing their unique identity to the world.

Tune in to my conversation with the charming and unparalleled fashion designer, educator, and innovator, Sarah Jones Thomas.

“Versatility: always having the right thing to wear.”💫


💡how you can elevate your wardrobe choices so that you can reflect on your accomplishments to receive “full credit” for your hard work and the quality you bring to your clients to build trust and report.

💡about the power of non-verbal communication, why women should dress intentionally – and use their wardrobe to communicate how they want to be viewed by the world and express themselves in their own multi-faceted way—for their multi-faceted life.

“Brand: things that people associate with you.”💫

Sarah Jones Thomas is the CEO and founder of STATUS Design Studio and Sarah Jones Custom apparel. A fashion designer, educator, and innovator in the custom clothing genre, Sarah is dedicated to serving her custom clothing clients’ needs by taking a deeper dive into who they are, what they do, and what they love. As a public speaker and previously as a fashion illustration professor at UNT, Sarah has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.


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