✨  “Brands are the most valuable icons, which you can have as a company or an individual and you really need to take care of it a lot” 💫 — Florian Schleicher

💡 Did you know that ⅓ of all food is wasted?



This episode is all about helping solve the problem of food waste. I am in conversation with Florian Schleicher, head of marketing at Too Good To Go, a Danish company, whose vision is a planet with no food waste. Every day they are working on making that a reality with their app, which is the most direct way for everyone two get involved to help make this dream come true.

💡 Florian dives deep into:

  • Too Good To Go’s history, brand story, vision, mission, philosophy, values, and what image they want to create in the market and what legacy they want to leave
  • their business model
  • how they measure their impact
  • the dynamics of the industry in fighting against food waste
  • their business partners and target customers
  • their rationale for entering the Austrian market
  • Too Good To Go’s international expansion strategy
  • the need for adaptation to local market needs as a SAAS brand
  • their communication strategies
  • what date labelling means and its importance
  • key branding essentials for SAAS companies

✨ His motto: “My heart beats for bringing brand strategies to life. I have a track record of innovating brands and their processes through identifying insight.” 💫

✨ His personal goal is to help people to develop themselves freely. 💫

Florian Schleicher,  has been in marketing for over a decade. He has worked for companies such as Kapsch, Virtual Identity, McDonalds, Forbes Austria and Greenpeace in different leading marketing positions and is now head of marketing at the company “Too Good To Go” in Austria.

He did his Master in Communications, Marketing, PR, and Advertising at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, Austria.

Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”


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