Stephan Mangold


✨ “Brands: Trust through the redemption of a real customer benefit💫 — Stephan Mangold

Nowadays customers want to buy from brands who are authentic, brands that not only talk but also act and live by their values!

UNDA, a Berlin-based start-up, is such a brand. UNDA is not only talking about sustainability, but also acting on it. UNDA id more than just a drinking bottle. It is the first sustainable multifunctional bottle.  It’s got local production according to eco design directives, CO2 neutral production and distribution, sustainable financing, etc. The UNDA bottle is 100% recyclable and the brand’s aim is ZERO WASTE.

💡 Entrepreneur Stephan Mangold, founder and CEO of UNDA, proudly tells his story about his inspiration, his big WHY starting his own sustainable business.

💡He explains the meaningfulness of the unique UNDA bottle in terms of product features and sustainability and in what way authenticity is captured.

Tune in to an interesting start-up and soon to be a global brand story coming from Berlin.

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