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✨”See what works for you best. Don’t be harsh and don’t compare yourself and try to do something that somebody else does. Do whatever works for you and respect how you feel, respect your body.”💫

Have you ever felt a burning desire to break free from the shackles of the ordinary, redefine your own narrative, and unleash the rebel within?

Well, I sat down with the incredible Maria Angelova, Founder and CEO of Rebellious Intl, to explore her remarkable journey from the world of finance to the forefront of wellness disruption.

From Numbers to Wellness: Maria’s Unconventional Journey

We begin with the question that sparked Maria’s transformation: What does ‘rebellious’ truly mean? As she eloquently unfolded her journey, it became clear that ‘rebellious’ is not just a word; it’s a mindset, a way of life. Maria’s path from a Finance Director to a wellness entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring.

The Rebel’s Manifesto: Defining ‘Rebellious’

Maria dives into the heart of her rebellious spirit, articulating its roots and the driving force behind her brand name. It’s not just about being a rebel; it’s about challenging norms, fostering authenticity, and rewriting the rules of the wellness industry.

Corporate Wisdom in Wellness: Lessons from Finance

The transition from the corporate world to wellness entrepreneurship is a path less traveled. Maria shares how her rich corporate background became a guiding force. The lessons she learned in the world of finance continue to shape her approach to wellness and entrepreneurship, a unique fusion that sets her apart.

Mind-Body Alchemy: Crafting a Harmonious Lifestyle

Maria’s superpower lies in aligning the body and mind for a life of freedom and fulfillment. In a world often segmented between fitness and mindfulness, Maria illuminates the synergy between the two, offering a holistic approach to well-being.

Authenticity and Branding: The Power of Being Real

The role of authenticity in branding is a topic Maria is deeply passionate about. Authenticity, she argues, is the cornerstone of a powerful brand. It’s not just a buzzword but a transformative force that can elevate your brand to new heights.

Purpose-Driven Branding: Beyond the Bottom Line

Maria introduces the concept of ‘Brand with a Purpose,’ emphasizing the importance of brands standing for something meaningful. She shares an inspiring example of a purpose-driven brand and discusses how purpose contributes to its success.

Navigating Challenges with a Rebellious Spirit

Being a rebel isn’t just about success; it’s about navigating challenges with authenticity and resilience. Maria opens up about her personal journey, revealing how her rebellious nature played a crucial role in her growth, both personally and professionally.

Redefining Success: A Personal Evolution

Maria reflects on how her definition of success has evolved over time. It’s not just about financial achievements but about aligning personal values with professional endeavors.

The Heart of Connection: Forging Authentic Relationships

In the era of digital connection, Maria sheds light on the importance of authentic connections for aspiring entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. It’s not just about networking; it’s about building relationships that amplify your brand’s impact.

✨“Being human, being real is how we relate to people.”💫

Shifting Mindsets: Making Self-Care a Priority

If you ever found yourself stuck in the whirlwind of daily life, promising to prioritize self-care but continually pushing it down the to-do list, finding excuses like “I didn’t have time”, read as Maria unveils a transformative approach to embracing self-care with authenticity and purpose:

1. Creating Awareness:

  • Shift from Excuses to Accountability: Maria highlights the need to recognize when we are not truly making self-care a priority. Instead of excuses like “I didn’t have time,” she encourages us to be accountable for our choices.
  • Planning with Intention: Maria emphasizes the power of planning. Did you set a specific time for your self-care activity? Planning increases the likelihood of it happening.

2. Start Small, Think Big:

  • The Power of Incremental Change: Maria’s passionate stance is that self-care doesn’t have to begin with an hour and a half of activities. Start with 10 minutes and gradually increase. Small, consistent steps lead to lasting transformations.
  • Feel the Shift: Maria shares a client’s experience who, by taking a short break from emails, felt a significant improvement in her physical and mental well-being. The key is to experience the difference and let it motivate you.

3. Fall in Love with Movement:

  • Movement as Self-Love: Maria stresses the connection between self-care and movement. Find an activity you love, be it Pilates, running, dancing, or anything else. When you enjoy the process, it stops being a chore on your to-do list.
  • Mindset Shift: Maria’s golden advice—once you fall in love with movement, it’s no longer a workout you have to do. It becomes a cherished part of your routine that leaves you feeling amazing.

4. Aligning Self-Care with Self-Worth:

  • The Proportional Relationship: Maria draws a direct connection between self-care and self-worth. If you don’t believe you deserve the time for yourself, you won’t prioritize it. Understanding that self-care enhances your ability to be a better person is crucial.

5. Dispelling the Selfish Myth:

  • From Selfish to Necessary: Maria challenges the misconception that self-care is selfish. Instead, she reframes it as necessary, especially for moms who often grapple with prioritizing themselves over their kids.

Energy Reflects Action: Shifting the mindset is understanding that, when you feel good and prioritize self-care, your energy transforms, positively impacting all aspects of your life.

✨“Intentional self-care is so powerful. And once you experience it, there’s no going back.”💫

Takeaways: Unleash Your Rebel Spirit and Embark on Your Own Journey of Rebellious Wellness:

  • Embrace Authenticity: Be real, be raw. Authenticity is your brand’s superpower. Your ability to stay true in tough times defines your rebel spirit.
  • Purpose Matters: A brand with a purpose transcends business—it becomes a movement.
  • Mind-Body Synergy: Wellness isn’t just physical; it’s the alignment of mind and body. The harmony of both – the balance of fitness and mindfulness – creates a truly fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Learn from Everywhere: Corporate lessons can be invaluable in the entrepreneurial world.
  • Challenge the Norms: Rebellious thinking paves the way for innovation and transformation.
  • Success is a Journey: It’s not a destination but an ever-evolving process of personal growth.
  • Forge Real Connections: In a digital age, genuine relationships are the key to brand amplification.

Ready to dive into this rebellious journey? Listen to the full podcast on major platforms and catch the video on YouTube.

Unleash your rebel within and redefine your path to wellness and success!

✨“Brands: Powerful”💫

Maria Angelova, MBA is a disruptor, author, speaker, body-mind expert, pilates teacher, mindset coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Founder and CEO of Rebellious Intl. Maria is on a mission to change the face of the wellness industry by shifting the self-care mindset for consumers and providers alike. As a mind-body coach, Maria’s superpower is alignment through a strong body and a calm mind so people can live a life of freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. Prior to founding Rebellious Intl, Maria was a Finance Director and a professional with 17+ years of progressive corporate experience in the Telecommunications, Finance, and Insurance industries.

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