Eric Samdahl


🔸 “Brands are the way you really connect your business with your customers” 🔸

— Eric Samdahl

Tune in and enjoy this fun and informative conversation I had with Eric Samdahl, a thought leader, business strategist and international speaker.
We cover everything from Lululemon to Ferragamo shoes, why these brands elevate us to be our best and shine.

Eric and I dive deep into
💡 why he is so passionate talking about using gut in business,
💡 what he means by being a fractional CEO/COO in a “non-traditional” way,
💡 what makes him both a visionary and integrator,
💡 how his magnifying glass brings the clarity, clears the noise, distraction and confusion.


reach out to Eric Samdahl: 
Clubhouse: @ericsamdahl
Instagram: @ericsamdahl 


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