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✨ “Entrepreneurship: A rollercoaster that is worth every minute” 💫 – Natalia Zacharin

Natalia suggests to start your business in a smart way. That is starting it as a side hustle while you’re still an employee. When you see you can’t juggle both anymore, when you see you can “do your own thing”, then let go of the employment and fully concentrate on your own business.

✨ “You don’t have to necessarily have a passion; you can create something out of nothing. And that’s what entrepreneurs do, they create something out of nothing for many different reasons. […] It’s never too late.“ 💫 – Natalia Zacharin

Natalie’s vision is “to be able to live a life with financial freedom and abundance and put out good into the world”.

Tune in to my conversation with Natalia Zacharin, virtual CFO and Financial Analysis Expert:


Natalia really truly believes that money has energy. She postulates: “Because money is no longer really backed by anything significant, like gold, money is now more value-based, it is energy, it’s giving out a value. You bring value back. So, it’s an exchange of value. And so, I want to bring a lot of value into the world for people, and to help them live their vision and create good and do what they want to do with their lives.”

Natalia has some great tips for women-businesses that are just getting started so that they can be their best:

·      💡Surround yourself with the right people. You want to surround yourself with people that are ready, maybe at that level that you want to be because that level then becomes more comfortable.

·      💡Have a mentor to work with you

·      💡Participate in masterminds

·      💡Read a lot

·      💡Stop standing in your own way. Get out of your own way. Just keep going forward. Be consistent. It’s the little things every single day, often, boring, everyday stuff, that is moving the needle. 

The biggest pitfall when people start with their business is they don’t price high enough. It’s a matter of confidence and understanding what you bring to the table. You need to grow into that. If you price too low, don’t see it as a setback, see it as a learning process. Ask yourself: how could I do this better for the next time?

✨ “Sales isn’t about being salesy. Sales are about someone out there who is looking for you for either your service or your product and they need you. So, it’s a matter of finding them.” 💫 – Natalia Zacharin

When I asked Natalia whether there is anything that she is passionate about in her business, she answered: “Yes, I really, really love numbers. I see the world in numbers. That’s what I‘m really passionate about. And what’s really exciting is when I work with someone and they’re at a certain level where they need help, and I can see the changes being made.”

Natalia is always on top of the latest economic trends when it comes to cash flow forecasting and analysis, budgeting, sales projections, and accounting support for tax planning and tax remediation.  She recommends: 

·      💡Have a little bit of extra cash on hand

·      💡Be flexible to pivot and make changes quickly

·      💡Understand what’s happening

·      💡Understand where to put your money to save up

·      💡Build retirement funds

·      💡Buy real estate

✨ “Brands: a way to distinguish yourself and bring value to the world. How you’re different from everybody else. And if you went out of business or if you disappeared, who would miss you?” 💫 – Natalia Zacharin


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