Tobias Reiter

Viebeg Technologies

VIEBEG – An AI-powered purpose-driven Brand for medical supply in Africa

Tobias Reiter is an AI enthusiast and entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of VIEBEG Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley-based Health Tech company that expands access to affordable health care all over Africa. He is also the Co-Founder of Tech Enfold Ltd., a social enterprise, which focuses on empowering female software engineers in Africa.



In this BrandsTalk podcast episode, Tobias offers insights in how VIEBEG Technologies uses AI to master the challenges in supplying hospitals on the African continent with the necessary medical equipment they need to help patients. He explains VIEBEG’s motivation of being a purpose-driven brand and how their business model works as a for-profit company. He also exemplifies how VIEBEG’s and Tech Enfold’s ambitions create a purpose-driven impact to make a difference for the people in the African regions of their operations.

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