Vivian Berni

Director of Product Management
Sonoco Thermosafe

In this interview Vivian Berni, who has been working in the B2B sector for more than a decade, talks about B2B brands and what makes them to become strong players and sustainably competitive in the market.  In general, what differences there are in the B2B sector compared to the B2C sector in terms of branding strategies. Specifically, what the critical and meaningful factors are for a brand to be a leading brand in the pharmaceutical sector. Ultimately what B2B brands can learn from B2C brands.


Vivian also discusses about what B2B brands can learn from the current pandemic. And what the “new normal” in the pharmaceutical supply sector is going to be.

Moreover, she gives insights about Sonoco ThermoSafe’s communication strategy, what communication channels they are using in connecting and fostering relationships with partners, e.g. pharmaceutical life science manufacturers, other stakeholders. Especially now, during COVID and going forward post-COVID!

On a global scale, Vivian gives an understanding how pharmaceutical supply chains work, how much there is to adapt to local market needs.

Vivian Berni also speaks about blockchain technology to being integrated in the pharmaceutical supply chain and, lastly, she comments on the global logistics of vaccines.

About Vivian Berni

Vivian Berni started her career on wall street with Lehman Brothers and then transitioned into the Life Sciences and Healthcare transportation industry in 2009, playing key roles at DHL in product development, corporate strategy and innovation through digital transformation.

Vivian Berni is passionate about designing meaningful product experiences for customers, leveraging technology were appropriate. In 2019 she transferred to Sonoco ThermoSafe, the leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines & other temperature-sensitive products to take on the role of Director of Product Management.

Vivian Berni has earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Int’l Finance and Marketing Management at University Miami, a Degree in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia Marketing at New York University and Her Master’s Degree in Int’l Public Health at The George Washington University.