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✨“Self-awareness, authenticity, empathy, social, emotional intelligence. The more you upscale those attributes as an individual, the more they actually will surround the brand. What is the social-emotional intelligence of the brand? Does the brand have any empathy at all? You can’t bring to market a product with those attributes to any degree greater than you have within yourself.”💫

In this BrandsTalk episode, I had the honor to enjoy an interesting discussion with the exceptional Dan Silberberg, visionary and thought leader, about global brands’ positioning strategies over the last couple of decades.

Further, into the talk, Dan provides us with his take on

💡how brands are positioned today compared to bygone times

💡how brands rejuvenate and re-stage

💡the business model core competency of today’s brands

💡how neuroscience ties into branding

✨“Neuroscience – neuroplasticity, opportunity to change”💫

💡Dan shares and explains 3 actionable steps that help bring the beauty out of us so that we can be our best version, shine & thrive:

  • Be clear on your story
  • Be authentic 
  • Know your deepest yearnings

✨“The neuroplasticity of the brain fires together, and wires together. So if that’s the case and you want new neurons firing, you habituate. One time doesn’t change you. But eventually, when you habituate, the old stuff dies off in new neurons, and this is why you’re never not able to become who you want to become, and you can actually have the childhood you always wanted if you can imagine it.”💫

Dan is an evolutionary entrepreneur and the CEO/Founder of ENTELECHY.AI LLC, an evolutionary global education academy with courses serving people from all over the world to emerge into becoming who they truly are. Dan is a visionary, transformational teacher, leader, speaker, educator, coach, and mentor. After 40 years in business as a CEO and having run businesses from $7-$400million, Dan is dedicated and committed to training the next generation of transformational leaders. Dan’s mission is to democratize and scale knowledge around the world to the advantage of others creating a world where everyone can thrive.


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What's in it for me regarding your brand? 

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