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hosted by Maria Kauffman

✨“Living by your core values, that’s when you shine when you are in your sweet spot. It’s when you are very naturally doing your things and thereby changing other people’s lives.”💫

Most recently I was invited for coffee at ‘Coffee Time with Kauffman’ hosted by my accountability partner and dear friend, the amazing Women’s Leadership Coach Maria Kauffman, who is inspiring everyday heroines around the world.

Our conversation was supposed to circle around why personal brands will change your life. We eventually covered that later on in our conversation. However, at first we went a little off track with all my personal stories of my life journey that lined up to start BridgetBrands. Looking back at my whole life, it’s like all of these things that happened have been informing and educating me. I feel like having gone through this branding process myself equips me with the authority to teach and coach it now.

🔸What have we covered in this full hour …

  • I started out with two stories describing my early signs of genius.
  • We have dived very deep into my time as a flight attendant at Lauda Air where I came to the realization that my legacy will be to serve other people in the highest possible regard, ultimately, making a difference in their lives. 
  • We spoke about my career choices, career and education transitions, motivations, and inspirations. 
  • Nothing was off-limits when it comes to the good/bad/ugly about the changes, the closed doors, and the detours that made me what I’m today…
  • We summed up my ingredients for success

✨“Authority through authenticity is the key because authority incorporates you being the author of your story. Telling your story makes you relatable.”💫

🔸Ultimately, we shifted our focus on why personal brands matter and how personal branding changes our lives.

✨“LeadYourShip! Lead your own ship first before you can lead anyone else.”💫

🔸Last but not least I opened the window to my thoughts on the future of women’s leadership and what makes this so important for a prosperous future for the whole world. Also, find some underlying research to dig deeper!

💡According to the Harvard articleWhen Women Leaders Leave, the Losses Multiply’, research confirms two crucial leadership qualities; wisdom and compassion, women leaders rank substantially higher than their male counterparts and this ultimately translates to business and financial results.

💡In this Forbes Women articleBringing Compassionate Leadership To Work’, former CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi, shares her tips for becoming a successful woman leader:

    • find and be a (wo)mentor
    • learn or find ways to be “ultra-prepared”
    • bring your whole self to work
    • thank your employees
    • make it personal
    • focus on performance with purpose

💡Based on an IBM study about prioritizing the advancement of women in top positions: 

    • among women CEOs, 72% say their organizations have made the advancement of more women a top formal business priority.
    • 83% of men CEOs say advancing women is not a priority, but that they try to do it when they can.

Download the Women Leaders Facts Sheet by IBM

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