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“Brands: when we ask what the goal of businesses are, most often business leaders, owners, shareholders would say, to make the most money as possible. I think the answer should really be ‘is to be able to stay in business forever’.” 💫 — Cindy Wahler

Did you know that you have two sets of currency, your technical currency, and your relationship currency? And I’m positive we agree on the fact that relationships are crucial.

In order to have strong relationship currency, you need to be able to advocate around how you can make a difference to the person you’re in relationship with.

In this episode I have an extraordinary woman as my guest. Cindy Wahler, a psychologist, leadership consultant, and author.

Our topic circles around our relationship currency – self-advocacy.

💡Learn about how important self-advocacy is in public and private life and how to improve it;

💡Hear what the most common mistakes people make when promoting themselves in their careers;

💡Catch Cindy’s perspective on personal branding and how to strengthen it;

💡Get some insight on her most current book “20 Effective Habits for Mastery at Work”;

💡Take away the two key leadership attributes aspiring leaders shall focus on.

Her vision is to bring out the best in people within the business environments that they’re in.

Cindy has broad based experience in positioning organizations for success, within both the private and public sectors. She works with senior executives at the CEO, EVP and SVP levels developing leaders, who can execute organizational strategies and drive business results. She offers a wide range of corporate leadership programs, include leadership assessment, executive coaching, succession planning, and talent management. Cindy is also an advisor to a number of boards on CEO succession.

Cindy is a regular contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN and Chief Executive Officer and an author of her recent book on leadership entitled “20 Effective Habits for Mastery at Work”.

She writes and speaks on a variety of leadership topics that include: Empowering Women, Attracting Top Talent, Leading Remote Teams, Imposter Syndrome, Executive Presence.

Cindy earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa and she is a Certified Organizational Psychologist with Major in Leadership Development.

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