Head of Change Management
MSG Industry Advisors Ag
Founder of women love consulting

✨ “Brands, they can boost your career, they can boost your company, it*s just really the core of what you are” 💫 — Ines Kaps

🎙 In this episode I interview Ines Kaps, head of change management at MSG Industry Advisors at daytime and at night founder of women love consulting.


💡She gives insight into her own brand stories of having 20 years of international management consulting on her belt. Working for a big consulting company, running her own business for 8 years or working for a boutique firm, like msg industry advisors today.
💡She loves management consulting.  Her mission is to increase diversity on senior levels. With the help of her outstanding and supportive network of experts, she is growing a career coaching platform for women in consulting.

✨Her motto is “being all that is possible, first of all, is being curious.” 💫

She is an excellent communicator and brings conflicting parties or interests to the table and will only let them leave again with a solution.

She brings digital transformation to life with unshakable project management and down-to-earth change management skills.

On a side note: when she is not working, she travels or cooks with, as she puts it, “the best husband in the world” , she explores new cities with her running shoes and as a chocolate lover will always have some Lindt Chocolate in the fridge.