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✨”Branding starts with your mindset. That triggers everything. You’re building up your identity with your mindset. Understanding who you are and what you stand for.”💫

Have you ever found yourself lost in the labyrinth of LinkedIn, unsure of how to establish your presence on this particular platform?

I had the privilege of being invited to take center stage on the enthralling “15 Minutes Behind the Profile” show, expertly hosted by the charismatic Ashley Leeds, widely recognized as the “15-Minute Guy.”

Dream Big: Your Journey to LinkedIn Brilliance Begins Here!

Dive into the show with a soulful song performed by Ashley Leeds, setting the tone for a captivating discussion.

Get ready to be immersed in a symphony where the worlds of brands, brand identity, and the empowering force of LinkedIn harmonize beautifully.

LinkedIn: The Business-Driven Social Network 🌐

The Power of LinkedIn for Branding

My love affair with LinkedIn began due to its exceptional business-focused platform. It underscores the individuals behind the brands, elevating personal branding to a paramount position. As I firmly advocate,

✨”We do business with people, not with the organization, not with the logo, not with a name.”💫

The emotions conveyed through your LinkedIn profile hold the potential to reshape your professional trajectory.

Your Takeaway: LinkedIn transcends corporate boundaries; it’s a platform, a place for individuals to shine and create a powerful personal brand that attracts opportunities.

LinkedIn and the Art of Connection

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for posting your resume;  it stands as a dynamic arena for connecting with like-minded professionals, prospective clients, and valuable referral partners. This underscores the pivotal role of unwavering consistency in commenting, posting, engaging, and messaging to cultivate trust and build substantial relationships.

Your Takeaway: Active engagement and networking on LinkedIn can lead to business growth through the cultivation of meaningful relationships and the acquisition of referrals.

Timing Matters on LinkedIn

Residing in a different time zone, I understand the significance of posting content at opportune moments. Given my primary North American and UK audience, I strategically time my posts to maximize visibility and engagement, typically between 2 PM and 6 PM.

Your Takeaway: A profound understanding of your audience’s time zone, coupled with well-timed content sharing, can significantly amplify the reach and efficacy of your LinkedIn endeavors.

Building Brands and Identity 

Branding Starts with Mindset

Branding is a construct that transcends mere aesthetics such as logos and colors; it germinates from one’s mindset. The foundations involve self-discovery, an exploration of one’s higher purpose, and the crafting of emotions that resonate with others. In essence, it’s about creating an identity that exudes authenticity.

Your Takeaway: Your brand’s identity starts with who you are and the emotions you wish to evoke in your audience.

Illuminate Brilliance and Beauty

In my role as a brand identity strategist, my mission is to guide entrepreneurs and organizations toward becoming future market leaders. This journey involves translating their aspirations into brands that radiate beauty, brilliance, and authenticity. The alignment of personal and corporate values produces a harmonious synergy that shines both within and beyond the organizational boundaries.

Your Takeaway: Authenticity and values are at the core of successful branding and identity creation, with these principles echoing profoundly through your LinkedIn profile.

Life Beyond LinkedIn 

Balancing Work and Passion

For me, work isn’t just a job; it’s my passion and vocation. I love what I do. I derive immense joy from my profession, which seamlessly integrates into every facet of my life. My routines help me maintain a healthy work-life balance, always ensuring – at least I try –  to be at my best.

Your Takeaway: When you are passionate about your work, it ceases to be a mere job and becomes an integral part of your existence.

Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Soul

My ethos extends beyond intellectual stimulation; it encompasses the nurturing of my body and soul. I place immense value on self-care, basking in the comforts of my home, immersing myself in the wonders of nature, indulging in literature, and continually enhancing my surroundings. My life revolves around personal growth and connection.

Your Takeaway: Personal growth extends beyond work; it encompasses self-care, creativity, and finding joy in everyday life.

A Message to My 16-Year-Old Self 🚀

My journey is an embodiment of dreams turned into reality. When asked for advice for my younger self, I encapsulate my life philosophy in these words:

✨”Don’t let others define you! Always stay true to yourself, follow your instincts, and go for your dreams. Invest in yourself, educate yourself, and follow your heart.”💫


So, are you ready to dream big and make it your reality? 

My aspiration is that the insights I’ve shared on how I utilize LinkedIn and beyond can serve as an inspiration for you to embark on your own journey toward branding excellence.


✨“I’m a coachsultant. I wanna elicit the knowhow of every single person, or executive team because they have everything in them. They just don’t know how to work with it and bring things together, connect the dots to make it a strategy. That’s where I come in and I help these entrepreneurs and organizations develop their personal and company identity.”💫

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