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✨“Every challenge can lead to opportunities. It’s all about making sure to have that clarity. And if you don’t have that clarity at some point, get the help you need.”💫

Listen in when the incredible Amel Derragui shares her nuggets of wisdom on how we can ditch overwhelm and align with our entrepreneurial purpose and lifestyle. 

We particularly cruise around the following topics:

💡Why do entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and what is it that keeps them from being successful and thriving?

💡What are the mistakes entrepreneurs make when they think of their branding and marketing?

💡What are the key foundations that make a business succeed or fail?

💡What are the key mind shifts that are important to growing a successful business?

💡What are the 3Cs for a successful brand and business?

✨”Marketing and sales do not stop when you get the money in the bank. […] it becomes even more powerful once you get paid.”💫

Amel Derragui is a business and marketing coach, speaker, and podcast host at “Tandem Nomads.” She helps impact-driven solo entrepreneurs and small business owners go from being overwhelmed to having clarity on where to focus their energy and how to attract clients with ease. 

After a career in advertising, she quit her job to join her husband abroad and launched her first business as a consultant in corporate communication for international organizations. Six years later she launched Tandem Nomads, to address ex-pat spouses’ dual career challenges and help them create their own source of fulfillment and financial independence while living on the move. 

Amel regularly speaks on international stages and works with global organizations providing workshops on entrepreneurship and marketing strategies that are mindful and aligned with the entrepreneurs’ purpose and lifestyle.

You can find Amel’s work and mission to empower women through entrepreneurship featured in various media such as Forbes Magazine and Globally Living Magazine.



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