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✨”Leader: Empowered! There’s so much dependence and coming out of that whole word.”💫

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your career, dreaming of becoming a leader but not sure how to make that transition?

Or perhaps you’ve already stepped into a leadership role but find yourself struggling to inspire and influence your team effectively.

If you’re seeking the secrets to unlock the leader within you and elevate your corporate journey, this episode of BrandsTalk is your golden ticket!

Join me as I dive into a heartfelt conversation with Stephanie Weiss, the founder of Empowered Leaders™ Academy, as she shares her wisdom on how to morph from a doer to a confident and impactful leader in Corporate America.

The Journey of Empowerment

Have you ever wondered what drives someone to take the bold leap of becoming an entrepreneur while still thriving in Corporate America? We delve into Stephanie’s motivation behind establishing the Empowered Leaders Academy. Unraveling her inspiring story, we discover the pivotal moments that led her to embrace her true calling as a leadership coach and mentor.

✨”Entrepreneur: Challenging, but can be fulfilling.”💫

Embracing Your Leadership Brand

In the ever-competitive landscape of leadership coaching, what sets Stephanie Weiss apart from the rest? Let’s explore the power of branding in her journey from being a doer to a confident leader. We uncover how Stephanie’s emphasis on branding played a crucial role in her successful transition and how she carved a unique space for herself amidst the sea of competition.

Guiding and Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

Stephanie’s mission is clear – to guide and empower newer corporate and emerging leaders to become the leaders they wish they had. But what inspired her to embark on this crucial mission? We delve into Stephanie’s passion for making a meaningful impact by providing early support and training to leaders who are just beginning their journey.

Stepping into the Spotlight – Leaders On Stage

What does it truly mean for leaders to be “on stage”? Stephanie introduces us to this captivating concept and shares its profound connection to a company’s branding. We explore how leaders can integrate being “on stage” into their leadership styles to create an enduring impact on their team and their organization’s brand image.

Three Essential Pieces of Guidance for Aspiring Leaders

Yearning to become a leader but feeling unsure of where to start? Seek no more! We uncover Stephanie’s three essential pieces of advice to help you successfully morph from a doer to a leader in Corporate America. Her tips provide actionable steps to step into your leadership brand confidently and create a lasting impact on your career and your team. Unlock the three essential pieces of guidance that will empower you to step confidently into your leadership role and pave the way for your success.

  • 1: Embrace Stephanie’s expert guidance on embodying your leadership brand and aligning it with your company’s brand values to create a powerful and authentic leadership style.
  • 2: Learn how to overcome common fears and concerns associated with leadership roles and build the confidence to navigate challenges effectively.
  • 3: Discover the power of seeking support, whether through mentorship, coaching, or community cohorts, to accelerate your growth as a leader and create a positive ripple effect within your organization.

Takeaways for Your Leadership Journey

  • Discover Your Purpose: Stephanie’s journey teaches us the importance of discovering our true purpose and aligning our passions with our career path. Embracing our calling allows us to unleash our leadership potential and make a meaningful impact in the corporate world.
  • The Power of Branding: Stephanie’s emphasis on branding shows us how this critical element can be the key to a successful transition from a doer to a leader. Crafting our leadership brand sets us apart and creates a lasting impression on our team and organization.
  • Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow: Stephanie’s dedication to guiding and empowering newer corporate and emerging leaders highlights the significance of early support and training. By providing a nurturing environment for new leaders, we foster a thriving culture that shapes the future of corporate leadership.

✨”Brands: Essential. Some people think of it as an afterthought. They forget. They’re more focused on the offer, the website. But it’s the bow on the package. It’s what brings everything together. And without it, you’re just a bunch of random thoughts, random things. It’s a roadmap and a tie, a bow on a gift. It keeps everything together and aligned for success.”💫

Stephanie Weiss enlightens us on the journey of empowerment, the essence of branding in leadership, and the importance of guiding and supporting the leaders of tomorrow. Her advice on embracing being “on stage” and the three essential pieces of guidance for aspiring leaders will undoubtedly inspire you to unlock your leadership brand and step confidently into your role as the boss you wish you had!

Stephanie is the founder of the Empowered Leaders™ Academy. She guides new & emerging leaders who are adapting to their leadership roles with increased responsibilities and stressors to inspire, influence, & build extraordinary teams to achieve results faster, all while feeling confident and in control as a leader. Her mission is to guide you to “Become the Boss You Wish You Had – a Leader!” Stephanie has been mentoring and developing leaders for over 20 years across industries including scientific research, technology, finance, healthcare, sales, marketing, loyalty, and training.

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