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Sjöfors & Partner

✨”Brands are enormously important because brands give buyers comfort in what they are buying“ 💫— Per Sjöfors

Per Sjöfors is a product-price expert and scale entrepreneur. He is founder and CEO of Sjöfors & Partners. He conceptualized a process using AI software to identify sales and profit leaks that accurately predict companies’ sales volume at different prices. More than 700 companies used his method and his AI software to increase sales growth and top-line revenue.

🎙 In this BrandsTalk episode Per Sjöfors gives insights into his daily business and tells  different brand stories (HP, Samsung) with emphasis on

💡 Price anchoring and price imaging

💡 Expectational bias

💡 Price rules

💡 Behavioral economics

💡 Product market fit and who is the right customer group

He is also a C-Suite Network executive leader and board member of project ECHO a non-profit that develops programs to teach entrepreneurship for high school students.

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