Founder how to Be global
Senior Manager, JA Worldwide
Head of Marketing & Advocacy
Nomads Giving Back! Nomads Skillshare!

✨ “Really taking brands seriously! Not just putting a logo out there! A brand is so much more than just a look! Like how you feel and what you do with a brand in a responsible way in this world!”  💫 – Sarah Rapp

🎙 Sarah Rapp is a global advocate for equal rights and equal chances. In this episode Sarah Rapp gives insights into the various roles she is working to achieve her mission:
💡as  her own boss at her own company called “how to Be global”; an initiative that aims at discovering what it takes to be global in today’s fast-paced and culturally mixed world.
💡as hosting her own podcast “how to Be global” to make her voice and message heard.
💡as senior manager, alumni and marketing campaigns at JA Worldwide and  Head of marketing & advocacy at Nomads Skillshare! and Nomads Giving Back! She talks about why, how, and what value these non-for-profit brands create for the world to be a better place.
💡 as an initiator of the ”how to Be global scholarships” in Ghana!

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