Sally Ann Eddmenson


✨“Take responsibility for managing your mindset.”💫

Sally Eddmenson understands what it feels like to be out of your depth and helps people see how to be “a home” to themselves in the chaos of a major life transition. It might be a promotion, a divorce, a new marriage, or an expatriate relocation, feelings of overwhelm and Imposter Syndrome can surface as we adjust to a new role or situation.

Tune into an inspiring conversation I had with my incredible guest Sally Eddmenson. She is a life coach for executives and helps high achievers lost in major life or career transitions to own and ignite their new life.

We laser-focus on:

💡Her takeaways from living 15 years as an expat in the UAE

💡What Sally’s life experience taught her about navigating uncertainty

💡What we can all do to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm when navigating a major transition in our life or career. Sally also guides us through a 20-second breathing technique, which we can practice in moments of overwhelm.

💡What common habits negatively impact our resilience

💡How can we bounce back quicker from setbacks

💡Sally’s approach to helping people build their resilience

💡What mental fitness is and how it helps us navigate uncertainty

💡Why self-trust is so critical and how we can grow our self-trust

💡Her take on “self-branding” in the context of the digital age where we all live with the “brand of the self”.

Sally’s own journey has been defined by 15 years of living and working as an ex-pat in the UAE. She started in the TV and media business, then spent 10 years in ultra-luxury real estate in Abu Dhabi and Dubai before becoming a coach.

She’s visited over 60 countries, climbed Kilimanjaro, and reached Everest base camp. Sally uses her own life experience of being a stranger in a strange land to help her clients find the resilience, confidence, and self-trust they need to flourish in a new stage of life.

✨“Brands: Vulnerability, Authenticity, Congruence.”💫


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