Ariel Kramer


✨“Companies make it more about advertising rather than real content that can be useful and valuable to your target audience”💫

Tune in to my conversation with Ariel Kramer, an expert in PR and SM strategies:

Ariel provides social media, marketing, and branding advice

  • for businesses that start out
  • on what businesses need to pay attention to when cultivating and growing brands over time, across markets.
  • on what to standardize and what to localize in their communication strategies

Ariel also talks about trends that are interesting to follow or event to pick up in order to achieve greater visibility and brand awareness.

✨”Really important is figuring out what content will resonate with your audience without having to be promotional.”💫

Ariel gives us her take on what an authentic personal brand is. Moreover, she tells us how her experience of living and working abroad ties into building her own powerful personal brand.

✨”It’s important to make sure that when you want to build your own brand, you stay true to who you are and what you actually believe in.”💫

Ariel founded her own boutique public relations and marketing firm, Klover Communications in 2013 and served as the Chief Communications Officer of a Nasdaq-listed biotech company. She has worked with a variety of companies in various industries across the US, Europe, and Asia helping them raise their visibility and establish a strong presence.

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