Elmari Schutte


✨“Copywriting: Write what’s on your heart first”💫

Are you a newly-minted entrepreneur who is struggling with writing copy that easily converts prospects into buying customers?

Do you want quick and actionable advice on how to write high-converting copy with ease?

Tune in to my conversation with Elmari Schutte, a freelance copywriter, entrepreneur, and highly sensitive leader, who empowers those who are overwhelmed with copywriting.

“Story – Tell it from the heart.”💫

First of all, Elmari tells her personal story of her bold move into entrepreneurship as a highly sensitive person.

She explains

💡what a highly sensitive person is and

💡what makes them special.

Then we go into the nitty-gritty of copywriting.

Elmari shares how to

💡connect with your audience’s hearts

💡write copies that reflect you, your values, and your branding

💡structure the process of copywriting

💡create consistency with your copy to foster long-term relationships with your audience

💡Furthermore, Elmari provides us with three copywriting tips that help us to take action and practice right away:

    1. Make sure you are speaking to your audience. Address them; the word YOU is very important.
    2. Read it out loud. When you read it out loud your brain has to take on another function and translates it into something that makes sense. 
    3. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to write your heading and your intro first. Write the body of the piece first, then the heading, and your intro will come to you easily.

✨“Women empowerment – Something that’s really essential today to change the economy and change the world, make it a better place.”💫

Elmari Schutte is a freelance copywriter, entrepreneur, and highly sensitive leader. Being in the Health & Wellness Copywriter Space for Entrepreneurs, she empowers those who struggle with copywriting to write with ease so that they can write inviting copy that resonates deeply with their ideal clients.

✨“Brands – Be Authentic.”💫


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