TV Moderator, Singer,
Voice & Media Coach

✨ Brands: “Simply take the best” 💫 — Petra Rudolf

🎙My Voice – Instrument of my Success!

I had the pleasure to have Petra Rudolf, ORF TV Moderator, Singer, Voice & Media Coach as my guest on BrandsTalk.


💡 Petra shares her 26 years experience as a TV moderator and voice coach with us. She dives deep into how important voice is a means for branding. Especially, nowadays, where audio has become vital via different platforms to interact, learn, support and promote. Petra gives extremely helpful self-practicing tips for voice training to best present ourselves!

What a warm, happy and educational conversation this is! Tune in, learn and enjoy! 💫

Petra Rudolf is a TV Moderator, singer, voice and media coach.

She has been a TV show moderator and editor at the ‘Austrian Broadcasting Corporation’ ORF, an Austrian national public service broadcaster, for 26 years. Since 2000 she has been presenting the successful TV-news show ‘Styria Today’.

She is also the ORF’s quality officer for ‘voice and speaking’.

Moreover, she is partner of the expert voice network / This network bundles the growing public interest and the increasing awareness of the key issue of voice.

She has earned her Master of Philosophy at the Karl-Franzens-University, Graz, in Austria and participated a voice movement therapy at the Norma G. Canner Foundation in the US.

Before graduating she completed a singing and journalism training in Vienna, Austria.

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