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✨“You can be in a company that’s tough but fair, or tough but brutal. You can be in a company that has a high level of excellence and has kindness and collaboration as part of their values. Or you can be in one that has a performance expectation of excellence and it’s a cutthroat culture. So, it’s a choice of how you want it to be.”💫

Tune in to my conversation with the unparalleled leadership expert Maria Gamb about the importance of values-based leadership to build a strong brand and reputational capital.


Maria dives deep into

💡what values-based leadership exactly is

✨“It’s is an evolution out of servant leadership. And really what it comes down to is creating the north star for how you’re going to lead your team and your life. So servant leadership is about being of service and understanding that as a leader, you are there to serve your people. That doesn’t change in value based leadership. Your job is to take obstacles out of the way, your job is to invest in those people in order to make them the next level of leaders. Hopefully with a value based foundation that will move through the organization and move it to a more light sided rather than dark sided organization or just plain leadership.”💫

💡how we can action our values in the workplace

💡 why the corporate world needs healing

💡what we can do to find purpose and meaning in work

✨“Purpose is about being of service to one another and the special tools and gifts that you have, and you choose how you wanna do it.”💫

💡how we make sure what we say is what we do

💡how we can best navigate the Great Reset & Cycle of Change today

💡why and for whom resiliency or gratitude journals are helpful

💡Moreover, Maria provides actionable advice to become values-based leaders and be at our best.

Maria suggests to

  1. have the awareness of what your values are, then how you wanna action and how you wanna communicate them. 
  2. have a daily practice in place. This can be five minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. Get Maria’s free E-Blueprint  “Daily Set Point”

✨“Our reputational capital precedes us before we even show up. Our reputation. It’s absolutely critical.”💫

Maria Gamb is the Founder and CEO of the Coaching and Training company NMS Communications. She is dedicated to helping busy professionals align their life and leadership impact. Maria’s unique perspective on the inner game of leadership coupled with Values-Based Leadership skills makes her unique. As a former Fortune 500 executive in Corporate America, she directed successful businesses valued at more than $110 million. Maria has coached executives from Oppenheimer Funds, Capital One, Kronos Incorporated, JAG Australia, and the Jamaican Government Cabinet. She has been a Speaker at Astra Zeneca, Mid-Atlantic Permanente, MHA, Women in Leadership & Business, and Women’s MBA International. Her credits include Inc Magazine, Time Magazine, Wall Street Radio Network, the Women’s Media outlet, and a column at ForbesWomen.

Maria’s area of expertise focuses on the Inner Game of Leadership, which includes but is not limited to.

• Creating Alignment in Your Work & Life

• Values-Based Leadership / Leadership Skills

• Finding the Purpose and Meaning in Your Work

• Navigating the Great Reset & Cycle of Change Today

• Team Engagement


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